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  • Mix, Muddle, Mix | The mojito recipe in 3 words
    Sunny days are here ! Time to invite friends over and make some delicious mojitos. The authentic Cuban mojito recipe is easy to remember. Just keep in mind these 3 words : Mix, Muddle, Mix. 
    Are you ready ? Let's go !
    First of all, prepare your ingredients : sugar, lime, mint, Havana Club 3 rum, ice cubes and sparkling water. 
    1 - Mix 2 teaspoons of white sugar + juice of half a lime in a glass
    2 - Muddle 2 whole fresh mint sprigs in the glass
    3 – Mix 4 caps of Havana Club 3 + Ice cubed + sparkling water
    The last thing to do is to enjoy it !

    Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix 2016 | The Winner is …

    As we focused on tradition and authenticity, we asked the world's best cantineros (bartenders in cuba) to use local ingredients and Cuban inspiration to create their cocktails.  After 2 days of discovery, visiting of the town, tasting cuban rum and meeting the Maestros del Ron Cubano, the participants...

    Havana People | Meet the people behind the rum
    We always talk to you about our rum, the flavours and the quality but we never talked about the people behind the Havana Club rum. 
    Indeed we have decided to introduce you to our Havana People, the unsung heroes, working every day to make sure that our rum is produced to the highest standard.
    Leysis Quesada, a famous Cuban documentary photographer, dived into their common passion and captured them making rum. Ciro Bianchi, a famous Cuban writer also entered into their daily life for you to get to know the real people and personalities behind the elaboration of Havana Club 7.
    Discover their portraits here: http://havana-people.com
    Inside Cuba | Design your perfect trip
    Ever thought about going to Cuba? 
    Everyone has their favourite way of travelling & discovering a country. What if we could help you plan your perfect trip to Cuba based on your personality & travel tastes? 
    It’s easy: take our quiz & we’ll suggest where to go & how to best spend time on our island home! 
    Havana Club 3 years old : a Rum Master ! | The Rum Masters 2016 : Three Havana Club Rums received a medal

    We are thrilled to announce that Havana Club 3 years old won the medal of “Rum Master” !

    Year on year, The Spirits Business attributes medals to the best rum of each category during The Rum Master tasting. This year, Havana Club 3 is the one winning the battle in the white rum category.

    Barnes, one of the judges said : In this category I’m looking for rum that has character, which is a very hard thing to achieve with white rum. It tends to be a much cleaner spirit, which is why you find so many white rums are aged and then stripped of their colour.” They saw in Havana Club 3, a good quality rum with “plenty of flavour” and “lots of cocktail potential.

    But our 3 year old rum is not the only one to receive a medal : Havana Club 7 Años and Havana Club 15 Años both received a Silver medal for “Dark Aged 8-12 Years” and “Dark Aged Over 13 Years” rums respectively, which are also good results.

    We thank The Spirits Business for thoses medals, this is an honor for us !

    Click here to see all the results : http://bit.ly/1LgIGSv