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    Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros

    Selección de MaestrosTriple Barrel Aged rum.

    Havana Club Selección de Maestros represents the ultimate expression of the extraordinary collaboration between the members of the Maestros Roneros Guild of Cuba, led by the talented Don Jose Navarro. 

    “All our Havana Club rums come to life from the hands of a Maestro Ronero, but in this particular case, Selección de Maestros is crafted by all the Maestros Roneros collaborating with Havana Club.”

    Don José Navarro, Primer Maestro Ronero.

    “Selección de Maestros” is a Triple Barrel Aged rum, fruit of a unique process of elaboration: 

    First, the Maestros Roneros gather and select the finest and most exceptional aged rums.

    These rums are then blended and placed for further ageing in barrels carefully selected for the aromatic properties of their wood, in which the rum will develop its character and intensity.

    Finally, the Maestros Roneros get together a second time to select the rums that have perfectly matured. They will make up  the final blend, bottled straight from the barrel at 45% ABV. 

    Tasting experience

    Selección de Maestros distinguishes itself by a warm amber hue, with a deep red glow. On the nose, toasted pecan and spice aromas reveals more robust origins and wood character. In the mouth, a round and buoyant entry leads to a complex, flavorful, full-bodied palate of cocoa, coffee, sweet tobacco and brown spices. A pleasant smoky oak and spice finish blended with candied fruits give the exeperience a remarkable balance.  

    “Smooth on the palate, pleasant, and aromatic, it offers an exotic journey through a world of tastes” - José Navarro, Head Master Rum Maker 


    The unique finishing process of Selección de Maestros, gives the rum its unequalled aromatic bouquet and an exceptional smoothness, a quality that has been rewarded by some of the world’s most influential spirits competitions for many years - yet again in 2013 and 2014.  

    Havana Club Selección de Maestros 45% ABV

      Per 10 gr of alcohol  Per 5 cl serving
    Alcohol 2,8 cl 17,9 g
    Calories (Kcal) 71 127
    Fat (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Saturates (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Carbs (g) 0,13 0,24
    Proteines (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1

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