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    Havana Club Unión

    Havana Club UniónTwo Iconic Cuban Brands Unite to Create a Rum of True Exception

    A collaboration between Maestro Ronero Asbel Morales and esteemed Master Habano sommelier, Fernando Fernandez Milian. Created through carefully selected rum bases matured by natural and total ageing in barrels handpicked by Maestro Ronero Asbel Morales to perfectly match with Cohiba cigars.

    'Havana Club Unión and Cohiba Cigars represent distinguished expressions from the same soil and authentic tradition; their shared origins and rich heritage make them natural partners. It was an honour to collaborate with Cigar Sommelier Fernando Fernandez to create this prestige rum, which presents notes of sweet vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit flavours'.

    Asbel Morales, Maestro Ronero


    Havana Club Unión, the first ever Cuban rum created especially to be paired with the beautiful and full-bodied flavour of a fine Cuban cigar. A celebration of the natural match of two of Cuba's greatest brands, both born from the same exceptional climate and fertile terrain. Havana Club Unión is a truly inimitable rum. Its complexity, sweetness and intensity are to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

    Tasting experience

    Havana Club Unión, in part inspired by the Cuban practice of 'Sobremesa' - meaning 'over the table' - whereby quality rum is passed around the table after dinner, enjoyed with fine cigars and stimulating conversation amongst friends.  When pouring Havana Club Unión in your glass you will see the color is impressively deep with an amber glow, a testament to its long, natural ageing.  On the nose it has an intense and rich aroma that balances oak and smoke notes with coconut, citrus and dried fruits, and coffee.  

    In the mouth, a wonderful smooth palate of soft wood flavor accented with vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit, with a long, rich and aromatic finish.

    Havana Club Unión 40% ABV

      Per 10 gr of alcohol  Per 5 cl serving
    Alcohol 3,15 cl 15,9 g
    Calories (Kcal) 71 113
    Fat (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Saturates (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Carbs (g) 0.22 0,35
    Proteines (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1