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    Havana Club añejo Especial

    Añejo EspecialAgeing makes our rum smooth, double ageing makes it especial!

    Havana Club añejo Especial is double aged in young white oak barrels to create the perfect rum for an authentic Cuba Libre.

    "…whispers the hidden secrets of premium dark aged rums."

    Don José Navarro, Primer Maestro Ronero

    For unforgettable moments with your friends, Havana Club Añejo Especial is a unique and different premium golden rum since it has been finished in specially selected barrels before final blending.

    The use of selected young white oak barrels for the second finish or double ageing process of the rums creates a unique taste profile with notes of vanilla and caramel and a hint of woodiness coming through from the barrels.

    Tastings Notes

    Do you want to discover the unique taste of double ageing in Cuba? Havana Club añejo Especial's golden colour announces the rich and round taste of the rum. The woodiness coming through on the nose unveils spices, orange and floral notes that are due to the second finish in young oak barrels. It's so round and creamy, with notes of vanilla and caramel, hints of tobacco, cinnamon and orange peel that it's a delight for your palate.

    It's perfect for the authentic Cuba Libre, as served in Havana: Havana Club añejo especial, Cola, ice, lime juice and plenty of good friends.

    Havana Club añejo Especial 40% ABV

      Per 10 gr of alcohol Per 5 cl serving
    Alcohol 3,15 cl 15,9 g
    Calories (Kcal) 71 113
    Fat (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Saturates (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Carbs (g) 0,15 0,24
    Proteines (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1